How can my business manage card transactions worldwide?

Posted by Franco Del Basso on Apr 13, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Managing card transactions worldwideWhy waste time, money and effort creating new processes and interfaces from scratch every time you roll out into a new country? Increase speed, efficiency and consistency with a global payments template.

Here are our tips for a template for global in-store payments.


Often touted as the holy grail of retailing, omni-channel is easier on paper than in practice. Picking a payments partner with a modular, agile-developed architecture will make roll-out across channels a simple plug-and-play procedure.


Multiples of anything often equals duplication which equals inefficiencies and work-around hacks. A single payment gateway combined with a single point-of-sale gateway is the way to greater efficiencies.

POS infrastructure

Use one terminal interface across all stores to roll out upgrades more quickly and easily, and maintain a consistent experience for staff and customers.


Outsourcing security to a trusted partner saves you time in keeping up with ever-changing industry standards. It also saves on recruiting and retaining your own in-house experts.

Multi-acquirer access

Having to tender and partner with separate acquirers in each country is a huge hassle. Connecting to a global payments gateway not only gives you access to a network of acquirers worldwide, but also cuts time- and cost-to market.

Payment methods

Turn browsers into buyers by offering a variety of local and international card payment methods via a single integration to a global payment service provider.

End-to-end capability

Manage operational costs by drawing on the end-to-end capability of your payments provider, particularly around acceptance, fraud management and multi-channel gateway services.


Choosing a payments provider with a modular, configurable systems architecture helps cut integration costs and launch times - and turn on additional features post-launch with ease.


A single statement and settlement date mean less time spent dealing with payment-related admin. Your finance department will definitely be thankful for that!


You need to be able to access sales reports (by country, channel, store or even terminal) in real-time via your payment provider. This provides insight to help you make effective business decisions, report upwards and use working capital efficiently.

For more information take a look at our factsheet How to assess the fully loaded costs of a global payments template.

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