Using payments to enhance the guest experience

Posted by Lisa Middleton on Jul 6, 2017 12:00:00 PM

using payments to enhance the guest experienceYou don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. If you operate within the hospitality sector, you’ll know that better than most.

Whether they’re visiting for business or leisure, guests come to your properties to stay, not pay. Here are four great ways to make payment less obtrusive and use it to enhance the guest experience.

1. Multiple payment methods

Make guests feel welcome and minimise lost sales by offering a variety of familiar payment methods. This includes international card brands, such as AMEX, Diners, Mastercard and Visa as standard, but also country-specific bank products and wallets.

We enable various payment methods for you through a single, easy-to-implement interface. When it comes to your website, we can offer advice on the best payment options to display per country to maximise successful sales. 

2. Multiple currencies

You want to make guests feel at home no matter where they are staying with you, so offer payment in their local currency.

We support nearly 80 currencies, plus dynamic currency conversion to make the logistics of multi-currency as easy for you as it is for your customers. 

3. Unattended kiosks for speedy check-in and check-out

A friendly face at the front desk gives a great first and last impression of your hotel, but not if the guest has to wait in a long queue. 

Using an unattended kiosk at busy times may mean trading personal service for self-service but if your guest has just arrived tired after a long-haul flight or needs to make an early-morning meeting, they may welcome the extra speed and convenience of a kiosk.

We can integrate the full check-in/check-out process into self-service kiosks, including all pre-authorisations and final authorisations. 

4. Mobile and contactless terminals

Sometimes asking guests to settle up at the front desk works absolutely fine. Other times bringing the payment terminal to the guest is a way to extend better service. With mobile terminals, you can serve guests in their rooms, in the lounge, poolside — wherever they are. 

Contactless terminals allow you to accept payments without entering a card or PIN or signing the sales slip. It’s more convenient — doubly so if the guest has contactless payment on their mobile phone, as they are more likely to have their phone than their wallet with them at all times.

We are terminal-agnostic which means we can integrate with various mobile and contactless terminal types.

A trusted payments partner

If you look at the guest experience from the outside in, payment is just the means to a great experience at your hotel. You know your guests better than any supplier or vendor. Focus on the guest experience and outsource payment to a trusted partner who can make it happen. 

PXP has many years’ experience helping hotels do just that. To find out more, please see our factsheets: 

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