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The payments technology that you choose to put in place can be the element that turns the customer experience into an enriched one, which is simple and smooth to navigate through. With consumers changing their buying habits and competition getting fiercer, implementing a robust, multi-channel card payments solution across all of your channels and territories, could give you a distinct advantage.

PXP will help you to overcome the common challenges faced when expanding:

  • Requirements for global card payments such as EMV
  • Localised standards and habits
  • Local debit cards
  • Online PIN
  • Fiscal requirements
  • Greater security compliance requirements with Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) including point to point encryption
  • Multiple currencies and languages
  • Multiple channels to coordinate and combine

Consolidating all of your channel’s payment requirements through one provider can save you a significant amount of money, by streamlining your business processes and consolidating all your transactions to get the best rates through economies of scale. Furthermore, our proven expertise and experience in global card payments decreases your need for specialist, expensive in-house teams.

Work with our experts and avoid the burden of card processing’s complexities; know you’ll always be able to meet new security and compliance requirements, wherever and however you need to take payments.

Our multi-channel capabilities provide customers with secure card processing covering all environments, from single solutions to combinations of mail order, e-commerce and customer present swipe and EMV chip and PIN.

Our solutions are designed to be “Plug & Play” and allow merchants to “Mix & Match” the right solutions for them, so they can:

  • Adapt to changing consumer buying habits
  • Take orders for goods instore that are not in stock, for them to be fulfilled by mail order
  • Allow customers to return goods ordered online, instore
  • Consolidate reporting from all channels, reducing cost and reconciliation
  • Reduce the entire company's PCI scope by securing all channels with cross channel tokenisation.
  • Make better decisions with real-time payment analytics available from all channels across all territories
  • Tailor channelled solutions for specific regions dependant on what payment methods are adopted there, increasing sales conversions

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We provide “Plug & Play” payment technology for merchants who need to process card transactions through any sales channel, across many territories, in a secure and simple way.

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