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PXP has over 20 years unrivalled integrated payments experience in the hospitality sector. We have a rich heritage of providing prestige hotel properties and hotel chains with payment capabilities that complement the experience they provide their customers, while ensuring security and reliability. We understand that travellers and guests expect to pay with the method they want across the channel they choose, so a frictionless customer experience is key.

We also appreciate that minimising cost, driving operational efficiencies and ensuring the provision of an 'always-on' service are essential when accepting payments in the hospitality industry. You can be assured that our solutions are designed to assist you with this. With integrations to many longstanding Property Management Systems and Food and Beverage points-of-sale we can get most customers up and running in a matter of days, however we know that the Hospitality industry is a sector that is driving innovation to keep up with customer’s expectations, so our next generation platforms are easy to integrate to and are pre-accredited in over 30 countries.


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