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PXP provides intelligent payment solutions for strategic advantage: helping ambitious multi-national businesses build stronger customer relationships, deliver greater efficiency of operations and enable significant growth. 

Our mission is to ensure we help our clients achieve their own business goals. Our customers are multinational businesses selling high value, branded products to an increasingly affluent global, consumer base. With either a traditional strength in bricks and mortar outlets or younger businesses that have fully harnessed the power of the Internet, they are constantly looking at developing multi-channel sales operations to increase revenues and grow.

They need to stay close to their customers, building relationships that inform the development of the brand and new products and that lead to future sales growth. Delivering a seamless, high quality customer experience really matters. Understanding how they can better meet customer needs through effective data analysis is critical.

As these businesses have developed from into multinational operators and global brands, they have developed centralised decision-making. Ambitious for growth, they are looking at all opportunities to extend their reach, grow their sales and manage their cost base. Often they don’t know that there may be a better way in an area of their business where they are not experts. Traditional advisors, such as finance, management and IT consultants, lack relevant knowledge in areas as specific as payment processing. 

These clients look to develop models that are scalable and that can be rolled out to new countries and locations with predictable results. Establishing a robust multi-channel payment platform in a new location is often a key area of their business that they cannot control because of local factors.

We interface with confidence with our clients’ finance and IT teams, and increasingly facilitate strategic conversations with the CEO, COO, CFO, CTO and CMO.

PXP help customers by providing payment solutions that makes life simpler. Our customers didn’t set up in business to worry about payment processing. At heart, they are brand owners focused on bringing great products and experiences to market that appeal to a global audience of increasingly affluent consumers.

At a minimum, they are looking for a payment solution that is able to work across multiple channels and territories in a reliable and secure manner. They are also looking for trusted advice and support to help them understand their current systems, identify strategies for future growth, navigate the complex technical and regulatory challenges that affect all payment transactions and implement a payment solution geared to the needs of both business and consumer.

Beyond processing payments to keep cash flowing through their business, our clients are looking to reduce costs. The payments industry is notoriously complex with a myriad of players involved and a lack of transparency that makes it hard to understand where charges are being levied. A simplification of the process and improved visibility will help merchants to establish greater control of the costs across different payment platforms and territories. PXP help reduce their costs significantly by reducing the number of payment relationships they have to manage and the amount of IT infrastructure they need to operate.

Merchants are always looking to increase their sales and the best way to do this is by getting to know their customers better and building ‘relationships’ that lead to repeat purchases. These need to be relationships based upon trust and reliability and nowhere is this more important than with payments. The merchant needs access to the data from the payment processing platform that will enable them to develop more innovative ways of influencing consumer behaviour. By allowing merchants to combine all of their channels, PXP provides valuable actionable customer insight through cardholder payment activities across all territories.

Access to accurate and timely management information supports better decision making. Payment processing data contains a rich source of real-time data that shows exactly what is happening at the consumer coal face. As merchants expand rapidly into new markets, the ability to get their payment systems up and running quickly and seamlessly can have a significant impact on performance. Scalability matters in today's demanding world, PXP provides fast international deployment and consolidated reporting enabling businesses to get the most from their operations and finance teams.

Ultimately, all business leaders know they need to have one eye on the changes in the marketplace that could affect their business and/or provide opportunities for innovation and growth. The rise of new communications channels and secure transaction capabilities will shape the future of consumer facing businesses in ways we can only begin to imagine. PXP will ensure our expert people keep our customers up-to-date in this fast moving industry.

Our Vision is to always work with:  

  1. Integrity – We do what is right and keep our promises
  2. Bravery – We are brave and take thoughtful risks
  3. Innovation – We do things differently
  4. Ambition – We always compete to win
  5. Performance – Excellence is the standard
  6. Energy – We work with positivity and pace

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