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If your business takes payments online then PXP has a solution for you. Our e-Commerce payment product is a simple branded and hosted payment page solution all the way through to secure API’s that allow you to fully control the user experience without any payment data touching your own systems or network, whether it’s through a website, mobile application or a call centre/warehouse. Not only do we keep you fully compliant and secure, but we help you maximise conversion at every stage of the process. This ensures you reduce your payment overhead as much as possible and make your reconciliation processes as simple as possible

Our aim is to give our customer’s strategic advantage through payments by making it simple and secure while enabling you to control the process to make it right for your business.

  • Ensures maximum conversion at check-out
  • A variety of payment methods can be accepted
  • Highly secure and compliant while letting you keep full control of the user experience
  • Dedicated and best in class merchant integration, project management, and customer support
  • Scalable, resilient, reliant infrastructure
  • Regulatory compliance with FCA, SEPA and card schemes
  • Secure with – PCI-DSS



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We provide “Plug & Play” payment technology for merchants who need to process card transactions through any sales channel, across many territories, in a secure and simple way.

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