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ANYpay Instore is purpose built for international retailers and brings the ability for merchants to manage any payment device across any application, from a centralised secure managed service. The hosted platform integrates seamlessly into any POS software and allows merchants to take advantage of further value added services at the point-of-sale such as Dynamic Currency Conversion, Tax Free Shopping and Mobile POS.

If you see the buying experience of the consumer to be equally as important as the product or service you are selling, then you should consider ANYpay Instore. The “Plug & Play” and “Mix & Match” format provides a fully-integrated, robust customer journey, combining channels capturing sales data and aiding assisted selling.

It allows easy access to the right combination of payment devices, value added services, geographies, processors and sales channels to result in the best payment infrastructure for your business and to be able to adapt it as and when necessary, just as your customers will continuously change their habits.

This ultimately saves operational costs, generates revenue and enhances the overall customer interaction with your brand.

Through its secure and resilient technology ANYpay Instore enables merchants to negate any concern of transaction processing costs spiralling out of control or loss of business through lack of uptime or speed. It gives you the control to expand or change your business reach quickly and easily, enhancing customer loyalty by aligning payment capabilities with buying choices.

With a choice of transaction types including pre-authorisation and cross-channel tokenisation, ANYpay Instore allows merchants to turn their checkout into a service point, by allowing customers to pre-order items or purchase an item that is not in stock, for the payment to be completed securely once the item is dispatched from the fulfilment warehouse.

ANYpay has evolved over the last six years from PXP’s extensive payment experience. It has already been proven at scale by a number of customers who are accepting payments in retail and is available pre-accredited in over 30 countries.


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